URBOND Volleyball will continue to monitor the guidance from the UK Government, and Volleyball England, and any local lockdown restrictions.
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This code applies to everyone who takes part in volleyball activity in England and must be read and followed  by all players intending to attend a URBOND volleyball session:

Due to  Government covid restrictions on numbers no spectators are allowed. Maximum number round 1 court is 17.

  • All participants must maintain social distancing while entering the courts area, preparing their own equipment and leaving the venue.
  • Players must ensure that they have provided their personal details for Track and Trace.
  • Players must practice social distancing at all times except during games.
  • If you are attending a session with an entry fee please pay online during booking as we do not accept cash.
  • All participants should sanitise their hands prior to the start of activity.
  • Hand sanitiser should be used during all breaks in activity and prior to consuming any food or drink.
  • Volleyballs can be shared but the sharing of other equipment should be limited where possible.
  • Where equipment such as volleyballs are shared, participants must practice strict hand hygiene before and after use and the equipment must be cleaned before use by another person.
  • Players should refrain from spitting or rinsing out their mouths and should maintain respiratory etiquette if they cough or sneeze.
  • Players, coaches, officials and spectators should refrain from shouting.
  • Congratulatory touches are not permitted.
  • Players participate entirely at their own risk.
  • Players must rely on their own ability in dealing with all hazards and must play in a manner safe for themselves and all others.
  • No liability whatsoever shall attach to URBOND Volleyball, in respect of injury, loss or damage suffered by the player or by reason of the event, however caused.
  • Players will conduct themselves in a respectful manner throughout the period of the event. They will treat volunteers/staff, fellow players and the general public with the utmost respect.
  • Players agree that while playing their image may be used by URBOND Volleyball on social media or publications.
  • Players agree that they will abide by all URBOND Volleyball rules and regulations.
  • If you are UNDER 18 you must complete the Parental Permission form. Forms are available online or from the coaches.
  • If a participant continually breaks this code of behaviour, they will be asked to leave the activity


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